Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Help me help you help me. Support your favorite creator

Over the past month I have learned an awful lot. Most of it was a hard lesson in "not everyone is going to like/understand/appreciate you" and through these experiences I have clearly matured at top speed, because now I don't respond to every "Um, no thanks" with a "Fuck you, buddy." This is a sign of intense personal growth on my part. My mom is SO PROUD.

I wish I could say this new-found maturity was around to prevent me from having not one but two altercations in the grocery store parking lot last week, but, well. Baby steps, I guess.

And also, sometimes people are assholes. Or terrible drivers.

But the point of this post is not to proclaim my (admittedly, questionable) maturity, but rather to answer the question that a lot of people have been asking lately: "So, you wrote the book...... what next?"

What next? An interview with Oprah, obvs.

But until the Divine Ms O gives me a jingle, I am going to have to do some serious legwork. And that takes a village, people. Not just because of my legendary brand of lazy, but because I live by the old adage "Help me help you help me". Yes, I know there is an extra "help me" on there. Because seriously. Help Needed.

Whether your favorite author is on the best seller list (wouldn't that be nice!) or selling a book door to door (ahem) everyone who has written a book benefits from the same actions. Actually, these can be twisted around to fit almost any scenario.

Share the love, people. Just share the damn love.

1.  Buy it, man.
If you love  or even like - the person you want to support, then put your money where your mouth is. No, not literally. Money is dirty, you guys. But do show your support for their venture by throwing some money at it. . You can be the one who gets the best of the best - whether it is an item, or a service, or a seat at an event - because you've got the hook up. Buy direct, buy online, or ask your favorite store to order it and buy it from them: finally, you can be the fancy person that special-orders something! Self-published authors with stacks of books all over their house will happily send copies to your local bookstore. They will also sign them, so be sure to ask for a signed copy. And if it is something other than a book? Well, sharpie pens work on almost everything. Even boobs. Forget I said that. Let's stay focused. Support their business and their bottom line. And you can share this special feeling with others:

2. Talk it UP, my friend.
You like something? You talk about it. So make sure you are talking about this - and by all means let people know the creator is a friend of yours. It means your friends are AWESOME, and everyone feels good by association. Write reviews - on Amazon, on Goodreads, on Facebook, on Yelp, on Twitter: where ever you spend time take a minute to share your thoughts. Let people know that it was worth your time and money, and is worth theirs as well.

3. The gift that keeps on giving, am I right?!
Give this amazing wonderful thing made by YOUR FRIEND as a gift to anyone you think might appreciate it. Especially if it is a book. Too few people give books these days, and mmmmmmmmmm books smell good. Better than a candle. I wish I had book-scented candles.

4. I love you, buddy.
Let your friend know that you are supporting them. Let them know you appreciate their work. It's not that people need (or want) a cheering section, and many people create because it is something they have to do - not something they choose to do. But to know that their efforts have entertained or enlightened or pleased someone in some way - well that feedback is invaluable.


Maui Folksy Studio said...

Xmas presents!!!

Kristina said...

Seriously, you are my hero. Because you are doing it! Xmas presents - hell yes!