Thursday, September 29, 2011

Over the river and through the woods - driving to the jungle school on Maui

I was looking at my blogroll the other day and it occurred to me that there was a common thread in all of the blogs I enjoy reading. They are personal, and they share photos. At least occasionally.

I really love seeing photos on people's blogs. I don't care about the photo quality, I just like to get a little peek at their life. Because I am nosy.

I rarely put photos on my blog these days. So today I set a new goal for myself: I am going to make a concerted effort to post more photos. These things always start out so well. I have the best of intentions, I get all pumped up about it and give you 110% right out of the gate, and then maybe post a couple of photos next week, and know.....I'll forget, or get lazy. God knows consistency isn't my strong suit, so enjoy it while you can, folks.

But today! Today I have got photos for you!

This morning, I documented the ride to school. Sort of. A few miles from our house I stopped to take the first photos, which were of a cow that we pass each morning.

she is totally not ready for her close-up

The cow was really annoyed that I got out of my car and came up to the fence. She refused to look at me. She was buried in a huge shrub of grass, steadily eating her way along the fenceline, and she had no time for my nonsense. I was yoohoo-ing and trying to get her to, I don't know, lift her head up or something.....and suddenly a truck full of guys drove by, leaned out the window and screamed "SAY CHEESE".

She looked up just long enough to snort derisively, but did not say "cheese".
Clearly, this cow was not interested in my photojournalism. So I got back in the car and kept on driving. The rest of the photos are taken from the road.
We have a 20 minute drive each morning, most of it along narrow winding country roads in Upcountry Maui. The last 10 minutes are along the North Shore, on the "road to Hana" which is the number one cause of carsickness in the USA. (I totally made that up. But bring a barf bag.)
 This is called a switchback. Also known as "that place I threw up out the window without stopping the car."
There are some really nice views on our drive - mountain on one side (mauka) and ocean on the other (makai).

And there are some farm stands - some are just simple wooden structures with buckets of freshly-picked fruits and an honor system cashbox:

And some are listed in guidebooks and serve smoothies, fresh fruit, coconut candy, and other goodies:

People have interesting ideas about decorating their fences.

All in all, it's a pretty cool drive, and we enjoy it. Many times, I will stop for fruit from one of the stands, or fresh eggs from one of the farms, and I have to remind myself to take my time and enjoy the fresh air and the ocean view in the distance. Even something as boring as the drive to school isn't so boring when you stop and look around - really look - and take the time to appreciate your surroundings.
If you are really lucky, tomorrow I might document the drive to the hospital - just in case you make that trip in the back of an ambulance and miss out.
Yesterday, the route to the hospital was explained to me thus: "You know when you get arrrested? Just take the same road the cops do when they are bringing you to the station." I don't know what route he was talking about, but apparently when speaking with me people just assume I have been arrested in the recent past (perhaps on a regular basis) and taken to central booking in a squad car.
I must be doing something right.

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