Tuesday, April 12, 2011

When you steal a jar labeled "Disneyland Fund" you're pretty much begging for trouble

"It's official" the post on facebook said. "someone broke into my house."

The thieves had left behind the paper money - all $31 dollars of it, carefully, painstakingly saved by a single mom and her two kids towards a Disney dream - and taken the jar full of change.

The jar labeled "Disneyland Fund".

They took some other things - things that are not immedately noticed, things that are not worth as much to thieves as they were to the family they belong to. They didn't ransack the house, which leads us to believe it was a couple of punk kids just doing it for sport, thinking they were taking things that were inconsequential.

I mean, after all, they left the "real money" scattered on the kitchen floor. Who's going to hunt them down and bust them for stealing a jar full of change and some earrings from Forever21?

Oh, that's right. I KNOW WHO.

Meet the Rollergirls.

Hi, you little pisser. Guess what. By stealing that jar, you just opened a whole can of whoop ass.
Most of us are over 6 feet tall with our skates on, and fast as hell. And when we catch you, we leave a mark.

I don't know who exactly you think you are, but I thought you should know who you were fucking with.

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