Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The frozen north and special socks.

As I have mentioned, I live on the side of a dormant volcano at about 2000 ft elevation.

It's fucking cold up here.

I know, I know, it's Hawaii. You wish you could be so cold. I hear you. I do.
But this morning, it was 53 degrees in my house. We have no heat. We have no woodstove. We have no insulation. Our windows are louvres, so the wind just blows right through.

And this morning, it was blowing.
My feet ached with cold. I even wore my special socks - but still......they can only do so much.

And as I sat there in my kitchen this morning, clutching a cup of tea and shivering in sweatpants and a turtleneck sweater and my special socks, I was online, looking for tickets to Alaska.
For tomorrow night.

It's -31 in Fairbanks.
I am a moron.
Even my special socks cannot help in -31 weather.
NOTHING can help you in -31.
I might even have to wear PANTS.
With LEGS.
And I am fundamentally opposed to pants.
With legs.
But I am pretty sure hotpants would be highly inadvisable in -31.
Unless maybe they were FUR hotpants.
Google, don't fail me now.

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