Monday, November 29, 2010

Things I love, holiday edition: Wassail and nog and Gingerbread Lattes

This week, in an attempt to distract myself from the fact that it is, undoubtably, the holidays, I am going to spend some time posting things that I love that are holiday specific.

I hate Christmas.

Sorry, that's my "Holiday Tourette's".

But I do, truly, hate Christmas. I am not religious, so "the reason for the season" doesn't come into play.
I hate the gnarly case of the "gimmes" that my children get every year. They are egged on by people constantly asking them what they want, and plying them with sugar, and throwing around a bunch of glitter and putting fucking lights on everything.

But there are highlights:

For one, beverages.

Hot Mulled Cider is the best thing ever. Well, besides eggnog laced with dark rum. And Gingerbread lattes.
I drink a lot during the holidays - angst makes me thirsty. I almost always have a travel mug in one hand, filled with some sort of coffee/eggnog/ginger concoction - usually without alcohol, but sometimes it's just unavoidable.

The best blend of mulling spices I have found - and they can be used in cider OR wine - is the mix from Williams Sonoma. Then those bastards announced that they were discontinuing that particular item. So I bought 3 cans.
I have one can left.
Williams Sonoma, you can kiss my ass. You discontinue everything good - like my wedding china pattern. Don't be douchebags. Bring back the mulling spices. And my china pattern.

See? THIS is why I hate the holidays.

Anyway.......go buy some mulling spices. Don't bother looking in Willliams Sonoma, unless you want to file a formal complaint about their insulting lack of mulling spices - in which case be my guest. After the scene I made trying to buy replacement plates, I don't think I am allowed in there anymore. Go figure.

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