Saturday, November 13, 2010

reasons why I might just bail on my dream of opening my own restaurant

Reason number 1 for why I might never own my own restaurant: nights like tonight.
Reason number 2: nights like last night.

I just worked the 4pm-4am bartenders extravaganza, and while I am sure we are all completely sick of hearing about my job and why it sucks, please indulge me for a moment.

By the end of the night, we are all exahusted. By last call, we are moments away from running screaming into the parking lot and locking ourselves in our car for a good long cry. So when last call hapens, and you order a drink, then rest your head on the bar and begin to vomit all over the floor,'re cut off.

And when one of the girls tries to hand you a bucket and you toss it back at her, then continue to puke all over the wil be going home alone, I can tell you that. Your shot at that hot young thing standing next to you? Blown. You blew it, when you blew chunks, dude.

So not cool.

And I have the hyper-active sympathy gag reflex, so while you were retching, SO WAS I.

But surprisingly, that wasn't the worst thing to happen.

There were the broken tables.
And the fights.
And the girl who said I told her to "come back when she could speak english". Which, um, well.
No. No, I definitely did not. And you would think that I would just say that, and get on with my night.

But after 8 hours of...........well........hell, I was not able to just let it go.

Not like that guy at the end of the bar, anyway.
He sure did let it go. He let everything go.

Sleep now, more later.

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