Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sunny Sundays - Things I love: Lips like cherries

I don't wear makeup. I just don't. Foundation and powder make me feel all itchy and claustrophobic and made-up and weird. Like I have a mask on.

And eye makeup is always a disastrous undertaking. IF I manage to apply it in a way that does not leave me A. Blinded or B. Looking like Tammy Faye, eventually I will smear it all over my face so that I definitely look like I have been beaten. Or like I just won Miss America. (OK, maybe just that I have been beaten. Let's not get too full of ourselves here. I could never win Miss America because I can't clog for shit. My talent would be "mixing a bloody mary".)

I don't even wear perfume. I use unscented deodorant. The jars of yummy smelling lotions gather dust in my closet.........

But I wear lipstick.

I love lipstick.

I love RED lipstick.

And right here, right now, I am going to tell you about my 2 favorite lipsticks. They are dark red, with a blue undertone - not orange-y, which for me is an absolute requirement. These are true, deep, dark cherry reds. And they look good on almost everyone. I say almost because I am sure there are people out there who might look better in other colors - but everyone who has ever worn red lipstick has looked awesome in these. I lend them to everyone, because everyone asks to borrow my lipstick.

NARS "Fire Down Below"
OK, I have to admit, the name is what caught my eye. Fire down below INDEED. But in addition to The Best Lipstick Name EVER, it is an amazing red.

Prescriptives "Intriguing"
My friend Marnie owned this one, I borrowed it, and then we walked to Macy's in San Francisco and bought at least 2 tubes each. I am glad I bought two, because Lucy got her hands on the first one:

Isn't that a GREAT red? My favorite part of this photo is how perfectly she applied the left side. And then the right went all to shit. Which is exactly how it looks when I try to put on eye liner. This is a family trait.

Speaking of liners, I do wear a lipliner with my red lipstick.
MAC Red Enriched Cremestick Liner

And if I am not wearing red lipstick (because it is not appropriate for every occasion, or so I have been told) I wear a neutral lipliner and fill in my whole lip with it - MAC "Spice" lip pencil is another one of those colors that people are always asking to borrow, and looks great on everyone.

So there you have it - my favorite red lipsticks, the all important lip liner, and my everyday lip pencil.
Rock it.


Hobocamp Crafts said...

that color IS amazing! What detail she took on that left side. What a pretty pretty mess. Not sure if I can't or can wait for Hazel to start this. xo

sue said...

OK, that pictures of Lucy made me laugh out loud!! I bet that was fun to clean......