Sunday, August 1, 2010

Sunny Sunday - things I love

I am one of those people who is not particularly attached to her hair. I mean, I'm glad I HAVE hair, and I have a hard time deciding what to DO with my hair - but I am always willing to keep an open mind, try something new......I know it will grow back, so I try not to stress about it. My hair has been every length, style, and color possible - except blue. I never did blue. My mother hates it short - in fact, once I went to visit her classroom right after getting a cute new pixie cut, and she turned around, did a double take, and informed me that I looked like a dyke.

Since I LOVE THE GAYS I was thrilled. And I do like my hair short. In fact, I almost cut it all off in San Francisco last month. Sadly, due to scheduling conflicts I wasn't able to meet up with my friend Anna, who is a phenomenal hairdresser and does great short hair cuts for women. And I sure as hell wasn't letting someone ELSE cut off over a foot of hair. So my hair stayed on my head, until the next time Anna and I get together and she happens to have scissors and I happen to have a bottle of tequila. Things might be different.

That hasn't happened yet, ergo I still have long hair these days, and lots of it. It's getting pretty gray, so the texture is kind of weird - my hair was already bordering on frizzy and the grays just make it worse. Because frizzy hair makes me nuts, I have spent a large amount of time and money over the past 30 years trying to find a product that prevents the frizz, without making my hair all greasy looking so that I have to shampoo it every single day - since that just makes the frizz worse.

When I was about 8 I discovered colored hair mousse. Not crayola colors, but hair mousse that was, like, auburn. I don't know what the hell it's intended purpose was, but my cousin and I used so much of it on my head that my scalp was orange for several days afterwards. ANYWAY, that damn mousse was like the gateway drug of hair products. I was hooked, and it was sort of the beginning of the end. From that point onward, my hair was trimmed, dyed, permed and gelled to within an inch of it's life. I would get bored, put all of my hair in a ponytail like Sassy Magazine told me to, and then chop off a few inches straight across, so that it would be "layered" and "shaped" and "tapered" and "face-framing". But what it really looked like was "shit".

And still, unless it was literally crispy with dried product, my hair would seem frizzy. (Gosh, that's hard to believe, isn't it, considering how many chemical processes it was subjected to......)

I have tried gels, oils, deep conditioners, pomades, waxes, sprays, creams, mousses, and more. If there was a product guaranteeing to beat frizz, I would buy it.

And then, I found what I have been looking for all of these years.

Moroccan Oil

Actually, I didn't find it, my girlfriend did. She gave me a bottle of this magical stuff and people? It rocked my fucking world. I have tried the oil and the curl cream and they are both amazing........but the oil? The oil is a dream come true.

My hair isn't frizzy. It smells nice. You only need a little tiny bit of the oil and a blowout will last for a week.

I just can't rave about it enough. Thi is practically a public service announcement. If you don't have any you should go and rectify the situation IMMEDIATELY, we'll wait.

And here's anther interesting thing - this oil is GREAT for your skin. It is super rich and healing, and my dry elbows and heels are no longer quite so dry because now after applying my hair product to my hair, I just rub the excess into my dry skin. It has almost healed my son's excema, and my scalp feels divine. And it is virtually impossible to have statick-y hair with this oil in there.

I haven't tried the shampoo and conditioner yet, but it's on my list FOR SURE because now that I am frizz-free, I want to make sure I am doing everything possible to keep it that way.

Until of course, I cut it all off and start over. Then, and only then, would I be able to skip the hair application and just spend 10 minutes rubbing the oil onto my various dry bits. And bonus: Locks of love would get some really nice hair. I should probably send along a bottle of the Moroccan oil along with the cut hair, complete with instructions on the care and feeding of my follicles. And maybe a few pages of instructions from a back issue of Sassy Magazine.

Why reinvent the wheel ?

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