Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Girls night is alright

Girl's night started about 4 years ago. Maybe 3 years ago. I'll get back to you on that. It's all a little blurry, actually. Which is what girl's night is all about. Lots of fun, vague recollecitons of what may or may not have happened, and a couple of really ridiculous moments that we will talk about for the rest of our lives.

Girl's night started out as a distraction. A friend, going through a hard time, looking for some companionship one evening a week when her regular routine was upended and her children were elsewhere. And of course, the girlfriends rallied.

Of course we did.

Beer, spicy chicken, french fries, chow fun, walnut shrimp, and steak bites. And more beer.

It's always been about the food. And the beer. And the company.

It's never been about "getting out of the house" or "letting off some steam". Well. Maybe a little steam. And it was nice to get out of the house. Back in those days, I had a toddler. And a 1st grader. I had just gone back to work. And I had a new friend who was going through some stuff. And the new friend wanted to meet for dinner. And I said "OK". And girl's night was launched.

The cast of characters has evolved, and we don't get together every week anymore. In fact, I am the last of the original "girl's nighters". Which is weird, but not really. I'm stubborn. And I like to eat. And I learned that I do like getting out of the house at night every once in a while.

Like last night. After working some pretty long hours all weekend long, you would think all I wanted to do would be to lay down in bed and sleep. And I did - but I also wanted a pedicure. More for the foot massage than the nail polish, but still. A pedicure. And Lucy had broken her sword (I gave the kids wooden swords, and Lucy broke hers. Whacking her brother on the head during a particulary fierce battle. The only injuries involved were to the sword, remarkably - Max was wearing a helmet. Made of a GoGurt box. But I digress.) so I needed a new sword. And then, you know, while I was out, I might as well eat, right? With the girls, if possible. So I did and we did and it was good and then I diverged from my usual routine and THAT is what I was going to write about today but, you know........back story. It's important.

As i was saying, we had a lovely dinner. And then. Instead of getting in the car all full and sleepy and driving home and being sound asleep by 10:30pm, AS USUAL, the newest attendee of girls night wanted to show me some pictures from Rollercon that involved a lot of nudity and wildly inappropriate behavior - some of it totally illegal even in Vegas. So we headed to another restaurant. And then the bar next door. And then there was a round of drinks. And then, the obligatory drunk-guy-seeing-if-there-was-any-chance-we-might-be-drunk-enough-to-consider-no? Oh okay then. And then some karaoke. And then, we slow danced to Frank Sinatra. Because girls - and especially rollergirls - do that sort of thing. Usually in fishnets and hotpants, but those are not mandatory.

AND THEN I went home and climbed into bed, and so another girl's night came to a close. And the point of this post is - you should get out more. We should all get out more. Shake it up. No alcohol required. Dinner, however, is recommended. And friends. Good friends. And a little Sinatra doesn't hurt either.

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