Sunday, August 8, 2010

From the Far East to the Wild West

We are into themed party season, apparently. This weekend we had back to back events at the bar, and we went all out with our costumes. Friday night, for the "Sushi Mushi dance party" I wore a white satin cheongsam, and Saturday night for "Indians and Indians" I chose Native American over Bollywood and went for the fur-and-suede-vest and feathered accessories look. Which was great fun, truly. But bartending in white satin was ill-conceived, and bartending in a furry vest was pretty ridiculous. It looked like I had a raccoon wrapped around my neck, and I was feeling kind of claustrophobic.

The things I do for my art.

Around midnight, when I was getting really fucking hot and sweaty, I started to wonder if perhaps I was too old to be getting all dressed up in costumes and going to work every day. This isn't Disneyland, if you know what I'm saying. Going to work in a Pocahontas costume, and wandering out of work at 3am,'s not a normal life, or an easy schedule. But it sure is fun.

And when I walk out the back door of the bar just as the sunrise bike tours from the company next door are loading up in the parking lot (and getting the shocked/confused/amused looks from the sleepy tourists who were not expecting costumed greeters).......well.........that's pretty fun too.

As the vans pull out of the parking lot and head up the volcano to watch the sunrise atop Haleakala, I head up the volcano as well. But rather than going to the summit (where my fur vest would be entirely appropriate in the pre-dawn cold) I point my car homeward to wash off the war paint and hopefully sleep for a few hours before life - real life - begins again.

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