Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Day Camp - the parents may have had more fun than the kids. Maybe.

***No Animals were Harmed in this edition of Adventures in Paradise***
(not even the chicken. Or the cat. or my damn dog.)
Yesterday my thrilling documentation of eating meat lost us some followers here at Adventures in Paradise. I can't believe that of all of the things I choose to talk about here, eating LAMB would be the thing that caused an exodus but WHATEVER because that lamb was good and I'M NOT ASHAMED.

Today, however, we ate absolutely NO MEAT until lunchtime, which is a personal best for me, plus I totally kept my dog from attacking a chicken and a cat which makes me an animal lover OBVIOUSLY so vegans sit your ass back down.

As I was saying, today, while decidedly lacking in carnivorous activity, was the big DAY OF CAMP where we had all 4 children enrolled in a waterfall adventure camp, which would enable us to go to a few "grown up" tourist attractions without our minors in tow.

And you know what? It would have been awesome.........had I not been babysitting for a friend's toddler. Whoops. Totally forgot about that. SCHEDULING FAIL.

And it would have been great........ if the parents had not gotten totally sucked into how cool the camp was, and ended up spending the morning there picking Jamaican lilikoi and apple bananas and taking pictures and wandering through fields of jumping grass.

But what can I say? The school my kids go to, which is where the camp was held, is awesome - and I would have been right there with them except that I had that cute baby who was just begging to be snuggled, and it was raining, and the dog was in the back of the car, and - well AND (vegans please cover your ears for a minute. Or your eyes. Or whatever. You have been warned.) then he spotted a chicken. And a cat. But don't tell my friends because they love cats and I would hate to have them hear about how my dog totally traumatized the cute little kitty he spotted in the bushes, and how I had to roll the back window up and almost got his head stuck in there in an attempt to keep him from leaping out of the back of the truck and losing his shit on that chicken.

So our child-free day turned into a child free early afternoon, and we barely made it out to the winery before we had to turn back. And no one got drunk because they only let you have 4 tastes of wine. (And may I go on record as saying I got one of the smallest pours I have literally ever seen EVER in a tasting room. It was more of a splash than a pour. Almost like they accidentally got a little in the glass and offered it to me just so it wouldn't go to waste.) And they sell beer but you can't drink it anywhere so our six-pack went unopened.


In the end though......I really have no complaints. Our afternoon was spent sipping wine on the side of a dormant volcano, and our kids were here:

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