Tuesday, July 13, 2010

We're three days in and my bathrooms STILL haven't been cleaned. But they are still cleaner than the ones on the plane. I'm just sayin.

AAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaand we're back.

Please excuse the delay in notifying you of my safe return. I had some things to attend to. Like my husband. In a good way.

This is no reflection upon our amazing hosts and hostesses and their incredible hospitality which was just so incredible in every way - you guys rock and we had a blast seeing you and staying with you BUT after 3 weeks apart and another week of sleeping either A. At My MOM'S HOUSE or B. In the same room as THE KIDS, we made the executive decision to stay home yesterday and get adjusted together.


We also drank at a bar, went to Costco, and got coffee. The kids? Oh I don't know where they were, I mean, I am sure they were around here somewhere.....no, wait, that's right - DAY CAMP IS THE BEST INVENTION EVER.

Just when I had had Just About Enough Summer Vacation, day camp came along and swept me off my feet. No wait, that was my husband. Or was it the tequila. I don't know, does it really matter?

My Point Is, the kids were at day camp, my husband was home from work, and we got to spend the whole day together, without the kids, and it was the most relaxing day of our entire vacation even if the vacation WAS technically already over but WHATEVER STOP BEING SO FUCKING PICKY ABOUT THE DETAILS OUR KIDS WERE SOMEWHERE ELSE AND IT WAS AWESOME.

So it turns out, we need to schedule some more grown up time.
I think, actually, after having such a lovely day yesterday, that I need to remind all of us (and you know who you are) that we need more grown up time. Whether that time is spent with a partner, a spouse, a friend, or your vibrator - I'M NOT JUDGING - we should all take this opportunity to look at a calendar and pick a day or a weekend or - if you have the opportunity - a week or so, to spend some time hanging out, preferably naked.

Or, you know, if you don't like being naked, then just hanging out in, say, your t-shirt and some panties. That's right boys, get out your best pair of panties and get comfy. Tell her I gave you permission.


All right, my vacation is really and truly over and now I have to go to work, so think of me fondly as you climb into bed....my body is 6 hours ahead so it feels like I am starting my workshift at midnight after being up since 3am and I am pretty fucking unhappy about it.

Good thoughts and get naked. (Unless, like I said, you don't like that sort of thing. In which case PANTIES.)

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Lanned said...

I love a man in a sexy pair of panties...just sayin...