Saturday, July 31, 2010

People who love cats more than I do are on their way. I should probably put pants on.

This whole working at night thing blows the big one. I am - of course - grateful to even HAVE a job. But working until 2am or later and then passing out on the sofa sometime around 4am is just brutal. Today when I finally managed to wake up at 10:15am, I was a fucking mess. My eyes are all puffy, my legs are all achy, and my neck is all stiff. Just because I work until 2am doesn't mean that I lie around before my shift resting up - and I have to go back tonight so really it's not as though I would have time to catch up today. So I basically lived a full day with two kids and guests from out of town and eating and driving and sightseeing and having fun - and then at the very end of a long and fun packed sunburn-y day, just when everyone else is contemplating a long hot shower, a glass of wine, and an hour in bed with a book - I head to work and start lugging tables and washing dishes and making drinks and getting my hair blown back by some crazy electronic funk-rock until 2am.

I Am Too Old For This Shit.

And today, you know - now that I am awake, I have to clean my house.

I have to clean my house because my friends - the ones who REALLY LOVE THEIR CATS - are on their way back to Maui. When they flew back to the midwest to find the missing indoor cats that they thought were outdoors, the cats were found hiding in the house (that's right - they did not get out after all) and their clever ploy to get mommy and daddy to come home instead of taking a vacation has FAILED MISERABLY. Now, not only are mommy and daddy STILL LEAVING THEM, but now the cats are in a kennel so they can't pull that kind of shit any more. And even if they did - it's totally not gonna work.

Karma is a bitch, kitties.

Tonight I am doing it all over again - full day, dinner shift, and then instead of hanging at the bar I return home to a houseful of completely shit-faced poker players. I should really put on some pants and go clean the living room. Our bedroom is a lost cause, but I think I can get the living room in order. Sort of.

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