Friday, June 4, 2010

Less then a week to go

In one week I will be in San Francisco, eating chinese food and In-N-Out Burger.

Which means I have to limit my sodium consumption starting now. Just like every other damn vacation I go on, all I have planned is a long list of foods/restaurants/grocery stores and "must try" items. Culture schmulture. We'll do that after lunch ! And snack ! And cocktails ! And dinner ! And dessert ! And then eventually someone wipes my face with a cold cloth and we struggle back to the hotel at about 10pm all dirty and sweaty and smeared with cake, usually with BBQ sauce under our fingernails and MSG coursing through our system.

It's a rough life.

Today we get to go back to the clinic to get the kids' TB tests read and certified.
And then we get to come back to the house and walk the damn dogs.

Yes, there are still two of them. Yes, one of them is still that little bastard who ate my car. Twice. But at some point this weekend he will have a new and loving home on a big piece of land, with a neighbor dog to play with and fields to run in.

And Boston will be stuck with me. Just him-n-me. And the kids who chase him in circles. And the husband who frightens him so much that he (the dog, not the husband) pisses on the porch everytime he (the husband, not the dog) gets too close. I have no idea what his previous owners did to him, but poor old Boston is a mess. And so he gets to stay and be a nutty little freak. He fits right in.

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Ro said...

Geez, am I jealous. I've always wanted to go to San Fran and have MSG in my Rice-a-Roni while whipping up and down the streets in a trolley. Seriously, I really am jealous. One day I'll get there. Until then, I shall live vicariously through you. Although not so much with the dog peeing on the porch though. You can have all that to yourself. :)