Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I think I am going to have to shower today. How unfortunate.

I was really hoping that today I would be able to avoid a shower. It is so humid here that my hair only dried this afternoon from yesterday's shampoo. It's going to start getting moldy if this weather keeps up.

The last few days have been pretty uneventful: seeing some great friends, eating, sleeping, writing, reading and sitting on the beach I grew up sitting on, while the kids swam between the buoys and dug in the grainy New England sand.

Everything here is so similar to life at home on Maui, and yet so very different.

The weather is warm - but sticky.
There's an ocean - but it's cold. DAMN cold.
The sand is rocky, the wind is cold and damp, the houses are old and rambling, we are seeing friends that I have known since my childhood - but now we all have kids, so the dynamic is totally different.

We spent this afternoon at the beach, and it was like a snapshot from my own childhood. Except I WAS NOT THE CHILD. It was seriously fucked up to be riding my bike around the beach, in my bathingsuit, with my towels and my salty hair, and instead of shouting things like "Let's stop for a Slushpuppy!" I was shouting "Get the hell out of the middle of the road before someone runs you over JESUS CHRIST!"

It was way less relaxing. Plus, I couldn't smoke a cigarette on the beach, which is pretty much completely against all that is right and good on a cellular level. I was almost twitching. And after that bike ride, man, I really needed a cigarette. As my girlfriend and I grimly rode back towards home, she announced that she would be carrying a flask from now on.

I have the best friends ever.

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Judie said...

Those beaches are crushed shells that stick to your legs like glue! And the sea weed! Did you deal with that stuff? It is slimy!!

Here's the good stuff--there is nothing between you and England but water. And if you are in a desolate area like I was, you can smoke and no one knows.

The best thing about being in a place where hardly anyone goes, is that the fish man comes by the house in the afternoon. One time he came just after I had had a bath. He told me that I smelled good. HAHAHAHA! I guess!!!

Lanned said...

I tried to buy a flask today and my husband told me NO. He sucks.