Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Living Large

So the last few days have been kind of a bummer, and before that I was drunk and/or hungover. Which is why tonight I went to both Burger King and Jack in the Box.

I am not ashamed to admit that here.

If you are gasping or shaking your head, you can just stop that RIGHT THIS MINUTE. If you have never done this, then I urge you to try it. It makes you feel like the king shit to splurge and go to different drive thrus only ordering exactly what you want. It feels totally extravagant and indulgent. If you can call anything relating to fast food extravagant or indulgent. Which in this instance you totally can.

If you HAVE done this, then I know you are totally giving me a virtual fist bump. Because FUCK YEAH.

I went to Burger King first. I needed a Whopper Jr in the worst possible way. I know how disgusting it is to eat fast food. I know how terrible those burgers are.  I know how awful it is to be supporting these corporations. I just read Anna's post about being a vegetarian and how much she loved the book "Eating Animals" and even though I think Anna is fucking amazing and her sense of style is impeccable and I honor and respect her reasons for being a vegetarian..........I vowed not to read that book because it will ruin me. The peace of mind I get from sitting in my car on a rainy night with the wipers swooshing back and forth and the radio playing, eating a Whopper Jr., is just not something I am willing to give up. It happens very rarely, and when it does, it makes me really fucking happy.

But that was not enough. I knew - before I even got to Burger King - that I would be making a second stop tonight. I needed to get me some stuffed jalepenos.

I have argued in the past, and stand by my conviction, that Jack in the Box's stuffed jalepenos, are basically the most perfect hangover food that there is. And while my hangover is long gone, I had been jonesing for these since Saturday night. And damnit, I was going to have them. So I did.

And as I sat there in another parking lot, staring out at some ridiculous county road construction/sewer project (I have no idea what the hell they are doing over there but it's been happening for months - let's wrap that shit UP already) and completely mesmerized by the flashing orange lights on the sawhorses indicating the continuing road closure, I thought about my day. My week. My life.

Chaotic doesn't really come close to the way I get through my days. I like to stay busy, and so I do......but it can be hard to keep track of everything. So I was taking some time to think about what needed to be done, and adding some items to the ToDo list. And chewing.

It was peaceful, there, alone in the car. The windows started to fog up in the rain, and I decided to head home. But for just a minute, I felt lucky, and content. Warm, dry, eating comfort foods in my car that has a full tank of gas, after spending an evening trying not to be such a pussy about derby practice (and failing miserably). It was a good day. And I have a good life. And I was very grateful.

And I can thank that Whopper Jr. for helping me to appreciate everything I have. And for that reason alone, I can never become a vegetarian.

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Unknown said...

Hell yes. Jack in the box jalapeno poppers are the best reason to do 2 different drive-thrus!