Tuesday, May 11, 2010

In which party preparations have begun. Otherwise known as That Daffodil is So Fucking Fancy

Oh yes, I am. Thank you for noticing.

Today, I sanded and re-painted a table. Well, if you can call it painting. Really, I just rubbed some paint around on top for a minute and then let it dry. It's called "Shabby Chic", but really it's "I was too lazy to sand it down properly":

And no, I DIDN'T MISS A SPOT. Heathens. All of you.

You will notice the nice, almost centered hole that Sam drilled in there yesterday. It is not for some crazy Amish party trick, whatever you may have heard. It's for an umbrella. YES in the middle of my shabby chic coffee table. Heathens. Again.

I needed a hole for an umbrella in the table, because I got an umbrella on Craigslist. Check this shit out:



That picture, by the way, is taken on my patio, newly fanci-fied by my beloved. MmmMmmm patio.

And then, I had to move around some furniture, so I set up this little tableau:

Yeah, that's a bong. IS THERE A PROBLEM? For your information, it is for smoking TOBACCO. And, it was a wedding gift. No, really. And yes, my wedding WAS super-awesome.


I totally know how to throw a party.

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