Monday, April 5, 2010


I have just driven home from work. The roads were empty, just me and Henny the Super Cooper zooming up the hill towards home. At 2am, everyone is asleep, and the roadway was shiny with rain under the streetlights. When you work the late night/early morning shift, it's hard to fall asleep right when you get home - even though you should be exhausted, and you should sleep while you can......because tomorrow is just that much closer then it was before you left for work (at the time most people are heading to bed for the night).

I can't sleep, so I sit her in my darkened living room, the wind is gusting and the rain is still coming down - as it has been for weeks and weeks now. It will stop, here and there, for a few hours, or an hour. or maybe just for a couple of minutes - brief respites from the heavy misting rain.

But not tonight, it's not stopping, or slowing, or misting - it's pouring. And in the quiet of my house I can hear the roof leaking.

I should go up in the attic and investigate. But it's raining so hard, and has been raining for so long, that whatever is dripping has been dripping for a while, I'd wager. And I'll wake up the whole house trying to get the attic stairs down from their trapdoor. So I am just sitting here, listening to the drip drip drop above my head, and wishing it would just stop raining for a bit, so I could go to bed without worrying about the ceiling falling down overnight.


We were going to rip this ceiling out anyway. Perhaps it is just the universe's way of helping things along. My life seems to go that way fairly often. I think about something - an idea, a brief flicker of a dream or a plan or a wish and then, before you know it, it's happening. It's almost too easy.

So yes, the rain is gathering over my house, coming down in great sheets of windy wet, to help me decide to rip down this ceiling once and for all, cut in that skylight, and let the sun shine on our little reading nook. Because the sun will shine. Eventually. When it stops raining. Which it will.

Any time now.

But probably not tonight.

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