Thursday, March 18, 2010

Not right now, thanks

Hi. shhhhhh. No need to reply, why are you talking so loudly and is it bright in here? It seems really extra bright in here.

The kids slept in this morning, yet more proof that they have been raised right. Because yes Virginia, we do need to sleep in, the morning after drinking 1/4 bottle of Jameson and two shots of this in 2 hours.

Yes, yes we do.

All I wanted when I opened up my eyes this morning (sloooooowly) was a cup of tea. I forgot to bring home soda bread, which is exactly what you need for breakfast the morning after The Day (and I am sure that's why they make Irish Soda Bread - to soak up the booze in your belly). So I was going to have to make do with tea. And I opened the cupboard, and........water came out. Water. From inside my cupboard. The morning after some serious drinking.

That is just not right.

So I stood there, and tried not to cry, and realized that the entire ceiling along that wall was dripping. Because it has been raining for THREE WEEKS.

I wanted to cry, but instead, I called my husband (who, as the designated driver last night, was in much better shape then myself and had actually gone to work). I threw out the wet boxes of tea. I whimpered, and made tea with a damp teabag. And now I am sitting here, far FAR away from the kitchen, trying to ignore the downpour that just started up again outside. I might start drinking again.

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