Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Wholly Impressed

Whole Foods
Holy Crap, we're getting a Whole Foods.

The grand opening is in (checking watch) 8 hours.

I have to get there bright and early, and wait in what I am guessing is going to be a huge line, in order to be one of the first to walk the aisles and oooh and ahhhhh and get a free tote bag. And it will be good. But first I need my beauty sleep. 8 hours probably won't make much of a dent, but it will have to do.

Tonight I worked at the cafe, and at the end of the night - after we had said goodnight and ushered our beloved patrons out of the bar and locked the doors and counted the money and done the paperwork and cleaned I was pulling out of the parking lot I looked down the street. A group of our customers were a block or so away, laughing and joking and riding bikes and scooters around in the middle of the street. And I laughed. Because everyone was definitely over 21, but mostly over 31, and maybe even 41.......and they were playing in the street, under the streetlamps, at 11 o'clock at night, on a Tuesday, in the middle of our sleepy town, and it was like we were all kids again, just for a minute (or ten).

I love it here, I do. And I love it even a little bit more with the addition of Whole Foods. I can't help it, I am so excited.

Even though I happily shop at 2 locally owned grocery stores and will continue to do so, tomorrow we will participate in the much anticipated Whole Foods Grand Opening,. This is exciting stuff for a small island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Then I will take my kids to school, and run my errands, and maybe go to the beach (or maybe not). In the afternoon, I will go home and cuddle up in bed after school with my kids, and nap and watch a movie and argue about who is going to go get more snacks. Later I will go to work, and then after that, maybe I will play in the street for a bit.

Because I can.

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