Wednesday, January 20, 2010

World Traveler takes a break to vent

I know jetlag is a bitch. It leaves me tired and cranky and disoriented. I did not know HOW disoriented, until I woke up this morning and discovered that the State of Massachusetts now has a Republican senator.

Good Lord. I have woken up in 1952. No wonder I'm so exhausted.

In other news from the homefront, we are settling in nicely, thank you. Yes, we are still sleeping at all hours, and awake in all the other hours. If only those hours were consecutive and concurrent. But no. we sleep a bit, we're up for a bit, we doze off just as someone else is waking up. The dogs are thrilled. Me? Notsomuch.

Max and I still have funky tummies, maybe from the creepy food on China Air. That is some crazy looking airplane cuisine, let me tell ya. If you ever fly that airline (and everything else about it was awesome, so please do try it out if they have a good deal on airfare) do yourself a favor and either bring your own food, or request a special meal (a kids meal or a vagitarian meal or whatever). I am all about being a carnivore, and I don't know how you veggies do it (or vegans - good lord, what do you EAT?!) but when the chips are down and you are faced with glutinous rice porridge topped with dried pork and served with a salted hardboiled egg, well, chances are you will welcome the opportunity to eat something else. Anything else.

But it seems petty to complain about the disgusting airplane food on the way home from The Best Vacation Ever, when Haiti just got hit with a 6.8 aftershock.

Dude. I think they've had just about enough. Unless god is trying to smite that entire country (a possiblity that seems increasingly likely) in which case everyone should just get the hell out of there ASAP.

My thoughts are with everyone affected by this catastrophe, those who survived the earthquake and aftershock(s), those who went down there to help, those that are working from a distance trying to arrange deliveries and support services, those that were evacuated, those who chose to stay and assist in the recovery efforts, and of course....those who perished. All of those who perished. What  terrible, terrible tragedy. It certainly puts my complaints about the Massachusetts election in perspective.

But don't worry, I'll be back to regaling you with tales of our travels, from the nefarious trots to bargaining 101, in just a few short hours. Right after I finish emailing all of my friends and family in Massachusetts to make sure they are still Democrats. The mind, it boggles.

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Jenn said...

Writing from the land of the Cosmo Stud Senator.

1952. Perfect.


(Welcome home, though.)