Thursday, January 7, 2010

Getting my head on straight

I have a million posts in my head right now, I will sort them out and get them up one at a the meanwhile We. Have. Arrived. The whirlwind of preparation left me with little ability to post and update prior to departure, and during our travels I was busy distracting and entertaining and feeding children who were exhausted and disoriented.

Bangkok is a big bustling city, like many other big cities - we haven't gotten to do a lot of touring as we really just got here yesterday and our friends only arrived a few hours ago. Hot and steaming with humidity and humanity. Food and whistles and lights and crowds and stalls with vendors plying their commodity of choice. We are here....but it is still dream-like. This afternoon we begin our real adventure, outside the confines of the apartment and the local market. We will explore, and eat and experience all that we can fit in to the next 10 days. But first, a massage and a manicure and a drink. Don't you agree ?

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