Wednesday, December 2, 2009

It's 5 o'clock somewhere

Listen. I know it's trite these days, to discuss drinking, and how much I need a drink. I have seen, read and heard the controversy over mommy drinking. Over blogging mommy drinking. I get it. It's trendy, practically, to drink (or emphatically NOT drink) and talk about it.

It's just too much to bear. There is absolutely nothing wrong with drinking and being a mommy. Or drinking and blogging. Or drinking and blogging AND being a mommy. Or not drinking at all. I have concerns about not blogging though - I think everyone should exercise their god-given right to blog.

Point being, I am sitting here at my kitchen counter at 9:32am, and thinking I would like to have a drink.

Specifically, This Drink.

I was given the opportunity to enjoy this wine on Thanksgiving, and from the goodness of her heart, my friend left me the rest of the bottle. All for me.

I am not a white wine drinker, but I do love me a muscat. And today it is calling to me......I am thinking of lunchtime pairings. I am wondering if that is wrong, to really want to sit in my house all day and read US magazine and sip muscat. It can't be wrong, it seems so very right.

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.hillsy.heart. said...

I think you forgot to address the more serious issue of mommy blogging.