Monday, November 23, 2009

It's 8am and I am eating my second bowl of smoked pork. Happy Holidays!

Sometimes, life just kind of takes you by the head and shakes you around. It's not pleasant, but it doesn't last long and then it's over and you can get back to your regularly scheduled programming. Only, of course, I HAVE no regularly scheduled programming. I have always gone whichever way the wind blows, while adhering to a strict meal/nap/bedtime schedule for the kids. Which is an interesting dichotomy for someone who has never really worn a watch, and sometimes forgets to pick her kids up from school. That's me.

So here I am, thumbing my nose at routine and propriety, and enjoying a second helping of kalua pig.

My tummy hurts a little bit. I'm not gonna lie.

And I slept from 2:45am (or sometime shortly thereafter) until 5:15. So there's that.

And yesterday I was on the clock from 8am-3pm and then again from 6pm to 10:30pm. That sucked.

I am this very strange blend of wired and exhausted. Sweaty and shivering. Hungry, but not. So I grabbed the first protein I could get my hands on - which was this plastic container of smoked meat from a fundraiser yesterday - and started eating methodically. After this, I am going back to bed for the day. Or for as long as I can before the dogs completely freak the fuck out and demand some attention or exercise.

The house is a sty. The yard is a wreck. I am hosting Thanksgiving and all I have is a frozen turkey. I don't technically have ROOM for anything else in the refrigerator, so I'm pacing myself here. I have to go out and deal with STUFF like the bank and dinner and buying the dogs more bones because they keep fucking BURYING THEM. I am seriously about to chain the bones to the side of the house. I thought that was just some silly fictional doggy storyline, dogs burying bones, very cute hahahaha. But those assholes really do bury them, and then they are just not bright enough to remember WHERE. So I buy a lot of bones.

But not right now. Now, I sleep. Hopefully. Ambien?

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