Thursday, November 19, 2009

The dogs eat better then we do. The transformation is complete. I am "one of those dog people".

When we last spoke, I was on hold - and then off - with Chase Bank.

Since then I have spent 75% of my time online or on the phone, wrangling and arguing and pleading and rationalizing and debating and hoping to negotiate.


So I don't really have a lot to report, honestly. Tuesday I slept all day (because I was on the phone with Chase until 4am) then I went to yoga and raced home to get Max from school.

Yesterday wasn't much more exciting: I spent an hour choosing a new dogfood. Let's talk about that.

Holy Shit this was complicated. I had purchased a bag of Ol' Roy gravy and crunchy blah blah blah, and while they were happy to eat it, they also started taking these monster dumps everywhere, which led me to believe that perhaps they weren't actually digesting it, or getting any nutrition from it at all. So I went to the feed store to get "the good stuff". I had been informed that dogs actually eat LESS of "the good stuff", because it fills them up more efficiently. But how "good" are we talking about? If I get the most expensive kind, I would feel like the world's biggest sucker. Taste of The Wild, for example, had choices like Wild Fowl, and Bison. BISON !!!! Sami calmly explained that a dog who is just as happy to chew on the side of the porch, does not need to eat better then we do. So I sadly stepped away from the crazy expensive brands, and went to the next. Still no filler, still nutritious, still involving fowl - this one is sweet potato and duck.

I am not kidding.

I love sweet potatos. And duck. This dogfood smells good and I have to be honest, I totally considered eating some. I am not embarrassed about this - a fact I admit. Oh the irony.

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Anonymous said...

Hey V.

So the trick is to find the ones that don't have corn or wheat in them. Dogs can't digest either, but corn is really cheap so of course it is often the first ingredient even in 'premium' foods like Iams. Look for something that has lamb meal/chicken meal/rice. I buy Nutrisource Lamb Meal & Rice from the feed place. It seems to be a good balance between digestibility and not completely breaking the bank (about $1 a pound). I had Luke on the really fancy organic food for awhile before I realized he ate better than I did and I was going to go totally broke. Ridiculous.