Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Some issues that need more discussion then just a status update on facebook

A few things I would like noted.

The Duggars need to stop having sex.
Just stop it. Jim Bob or whatever the hell your name is (all I know for sure is it begins with a "J" because every fucking one of them except the poor mother has a "J" name, just more proof that the man is a total control freak) leave your wife the hell alone. She probably can't sit with her legs closed anymore because of all of the damage you have inflicted down there, and I'll betcha she pees a little every time she moves. For the love of god, we get it. You are VERY VIRILE. Potent. Hot. A hunk of burning man love wishing to spread his seed.

Fine. Just stop spreading it on Michelle. Or, at the very least, stop telling us about it. That is not family television. No one wants to know how much sex you have had. Because the whole time I was pregnant, all I kept thinking was Oh My God, everyone knows we had sex. Everyone. In the world. Knows. Including my mother in law.(((shudder)))

Second thing I want noted: This Catholic School thing is rocking my world. Obviously, unlike Jim Bob over there, I am not as comfortable professing my religious beliefs, and talking about it, and letting people know what I believe and how I feel. So when I walk in the bathroom and my 4 year old is in the shower praying ? It freaks me the fuck out and I don't know whether to ignore it or discuss it or WHAT.

Third thing I need to share:
When I have just dropped $1000 on car repairs, it is NOT FUCKING FUNNY when the "service engine soon" light comes on within 24 hours of picking up the car.

Not Funny At All.

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