Friday, July 10, 2009

Catholic School girls and the Pizza Hut song

We made a big decision this week - we chose to enroll our preschooler in Catholic school.

We are not Catholic. In fact, we are not religious at all. But the school is at the end of our street, and they accept students who are not Catholic (which would be our daughter) so she is going to Catholic School.

We went on a visit beforehand, to get a feel for the teachers and the classroom. It seemed like such a nice space, the teachers were lovely, they had nice supplies and several play areas, and then we had circle time and it all went to shit and I am STILL feeling really unsure about the whole thing but decided to buck up and go forward anyway.

You'd think my hesitation would be focused on the prayer (no) or the statues of Jesus (nope) or the little things (like saying "God Bless" before they hung up the phone).

I freaked out and alomst stood up and walked out of the classroom because of the Pizza Hut Song.

"Pizza Hut Pizza Hut KFC McDoooonalds McDooooonalds. Pizza Hut Pizza Hut KFC McDoooonalds McDooooonalds. OK Faster now ! Pizza Hut Pizza Hut KFC McDoooonalds McDooooonalds. Pizza Hut Pizza Hut KFC McDoooonalds McDooooonalds." all accompanied by hand gestures and wild excitement.

Seriously, it's like Pepsi Co paid for a new gymnasium or something.

But I figure, if we had TV they would be singing "I'm Lovin' It" from the McDonald's commercials, so I am trying to chill out and not make it a bigger deal then it was/is. Maybe we can just learn some new, non-branded songs for next year !!!


♥ Braja said...

I don't get why they did it though. I know. I'm not Catholic....I would possibly miss a whole lotta things if I went there....:)
Nice to catch up with you after so long....x

Zach Oat said...

That is some messed-up shit right there.