Monday, June 22, 2009

Monday Photo Blog - The Arcade and the Noodle House

A bit late in posting again today - we're fried from spending Sunday at the beach, and from the day itself which was just fucking ridiculous from start to finish....beginning with the death of a cat in our driveway, and ending with a brushfire leaving us stranded on the wrong side of the island. I may or may not provide more details at a later date about our drama-filled Father's Day, but for now I'd prefer to leave well enough alone.

So after whiling away this rainy Monday morning in the fetal position recovering from the weekend, then spending 2 hours watching the rescue efforts in Washington DC on CNN, we decided to get the hell out of the house and try to find a peaceful way to pass the afternoon.

Sadly, we were unsuccessful in our quest for peace. The children both voted to go to the local arcade, a place that leaves me on edge at the best of times. The flashing lights and loud noises and screaming children and pathetic adults trying to win more tickets then their kids - in order to earn enough to take home that blender on the shelf behind the counter - well, the whole thing is just awful.

But because I am a good sport (and don't you DARE ever suggest otherwise) we went to the arcade, where I did not cry, and Lucy actually hit some kind of crazy jackpot and won 200 tickets in under a minute. We got out fairly quickly, the kids were thrilled with their prizes, and then we went to get saimin, which required driving to multiple locations trying to find a noodle-provider that was A. Open for business and B. Also served hamburgers, because after we told Lucy we were getting saimin, she would not be swayed, even when Max did an abrupt about-face and declared his need for a burger, STAT, as though his iron depletion was about to kill him and the only remedy was some ground beef.

So, here are the pictures. This Photo Journal is bullshit - there is way too much writing involved for my taste. I thought using photos was going to be an easy way to coast through a week of summer vacation. I was sadly mistaken.

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