Sunday, May 17, 2009

Not sure how far, exactly, to take the self-righteous, sanctimonious bullcrap

I wanted to say bullSHIT in the title, but then I know some people have readers that show titles and I really didn't want to have "shit" be screwing up peoples visitors due to workplace regulations or whathaveyou, so I edited slightly.

You're welcome.

So, yeah. Self-righteous and Sancitmonious - I looked up those words and yup, I think I have that covered. I am torn. Today I was witness, once again, to someone's glaring lack of skills when it comes to handling his employees employment.

After time spent offering cups of coffee, words of support and indignation, throwing out some ideas and possible scenarios for how this could all just be a huge misunderstanding, I am starting to think that no, there is no misunderstanding.

Someone lost their job, or at least, they appear to have lost it - we can't be sure, because they were never actually fired or given a last check or even given any sort of warning. It all went down without so much as a faretheewell. And the timing SUCKED. I mean, it could have been done earlier, or later, or not at all.....And you know what makes me really uncomfortable ? I am not an idiot. It could just as well be me. It could be me at any time, for any reason, without notice or explaination or even, actually, cause.

So do I continue to turn a blind eye ? Confident - smug, even - in my employed status? Or do I get all indignant and up in arms and quit in a blaze of glory, as Trippy would suggest with glee. Stand up to the man. Solidarity with my sisters in waiting.


I haven't the foggiest idea, honestly, what to do. I do know this:
I am a romantic. And of course, as a romantic, my first inclination is to stand up for the little guy. But, would they do the same if it was reversed ? Nah. Because I have been down THAT road before, and found myself out of a job and underwhelmed by the grateful throngs of supporters.

So I guess I will just soldier on. I guess. For now. Ugh. It feels shitty.

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