Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Why, yes, that IS a cone around my neck.....

Yeah. Today was one of THOSE days.

I spent what should have been "my day" running around looking for a hiding cat, then wrestling that poor cat into a cat carrier, driving to two different schools to get the kids, explaining that all I had for snack was a ziplock baggie of dinner rolls, then taking the cat to the vets to have the wound on his face drained and sutured, PAYING FOR IT - and driving the cat back home for a week of medication and hot compresses with firm pressure. And using up about $10 worth of gas in the process.

Wait - did I mention it's NOT MY CAT ? Or that I really, truly honestly wholeheartedly do not like cats ?

Fucking A.

Oh, and I read a note in Max's assignment book that I guess he copied off the board, saying he needs two hardboiled eggs, some easter grass and some snacks for tomorrow.

And we are leaving Friday to go camping, as soon as I get off work.

And Lucy's birthday is Saturday.

And I need to bake cupcakes tomorrow.

And pack.

And tomorrow is story time at the library which always seems to take up the entire morning.

And it's supposed to rain all weekend - especially in the area where we have a permit to camp.

Needless to say, I have opened a bottle of wine, and I am planning to consume it while I boil eggs and bake cupcakes and fold laundry and track down the camping gear and wash the sleeping bags and find a place to board the dog for a few days. Because if today taught me anything, it is that the dog should always go to a kennel, so that I know he won't escape or hurt himself trying to escape, or get lost after escaping.

I am seriously considering getting myself lost after escaping. Who's with me?

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