Thursday, January 15, 2009


Today was an interesting day. I woke up with a pounding, nausea inducing headache, and went to the chiropractor right away. Then I took Lucy to story time at the library. And after story time we headed to town to run errands. Our first errand was to pick up some more headache medicine - I have a prescription to help fight off migraines, and I was running low - and with this hideous headache in the wings, I decided to stock up.

But picking up the prescription turned into a ridiculous drama of missing hard copies of prescriptions, and doctors on vacations, and needing signatures, and it all required that I wait in several very long lines for an hour. An hour I spent standing in front of CNN watching other people standing on the wing of an airplane in the middle of the Hudson River on the other side of the country. That certainly put my day in perspective. Sure, maybe not the greatest day ever, but at least I am not standing in the middle of the Hudson in sub-zero temperatures, on the wing of my crashed and rapidly sinking airplane. Bonus: my headache was gone.

So I left the clinic relieved, and with our morning completely shot to hell and needing to get back and walk the dog and get the gorceries and pick up Max from school, I headed homeward. As I mentioned yesterday, it is exceptionally windy here right now - so windy that all the schools are closed tomorrow. They are anticipating hurricane-like weather. And as I rounded the corner and entered the highway, I spotted what looked like an accident off on the shoulder. As I got closer, I realized something had blown out of the back of a truck in this ridiculous wind (it turned out to be a mattress, but at the time I had no idea what had hapened, or what to look for). So I was paying very close attention to my surroundings - was there debris in the road ? People in the road ? Would the traffic come to a stop ? As I passed the two trucks dealing with the escaped cargo, the traffic slowed. I slowed. And as I was trying to see WHY we were slowing, and if we were stopping, we stopped. Or rather, the guy in front of me stopped. I did not stop in time, despite putting both feet on the brake with all of my strength, and steering to the side. I was actually stopped by the rear of his truck. Which went right into the engine of my truck. Which ended up in the general vicinity of my dashboard.


I was not going fast, my airbags didn't deploy, but boy, I really smooshed my car big time. The guy in front of me fared slightly better - he got a good whack to the passenger side rear bumper, and his rear quarter panel kind of bowed out a bit.....but my car did this:

There were no injuries, and I took Lucy to the doctor to have her checked JUST to be sure...... we're fine. Sore, tired, and my adrenaline rush just crashed a while ago, so I think I need to go to bed soon.

More later, I am now waiting for calls from the various insurance companies. I feel sick just thinking about it. The good news is, because of my husband's phenomenal(ly awful) driving record, we have full-coverage insurance. So it's all going to be OK. Eventually.

It's still better then standing on the wing of a sinking aircraft.

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Followed your comment from derfina's. Am somewhat a neighbor, over on Oahu.