Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Rolling with it

This vacation is spinning along at a dizzying clip - I am chastened, because all of my anticipation and planning has not managed to slow the time down, and I still have a long list of things to do.

Monday I took the kiddos to the Cider Mill, to story time, to Five Guys for burgers......nothing that would rock their world, but still really fun. Tuesday we went to visit my best friend from early high school (later in high school, my best friend was definitely the guy I would marry oh so briefly - but in the beginning, it was all about Beth). We hung out at her house, got the kids all pumped up on slabs of birthday cake, and then went to the Book Barn.

While still not an ideal spot to bring sugared children, the Book Barn is not what you might be imagining. In fact, it is really hard to explain. There is a barn-like building filled to the roof with books and sunshine, then then a series of smaller out-buildings also packed with books. And in the middle of all of the buildings large and small, and tables and tents and wagons filled with books, there are goats. And cats. And a playground. And a playhouse. It's insane.

So after spending a few hours there with Beth, we headed back to her house to see her parents, and say a tearful (on Lucy's part) goodbye. Oh, the devastation of leaving people you met not 5 minutes ago. So very sad.

I ran the kids home to mom's, and then turned right around and headed back out for another old dear friend's house. Turns out she married ANOTHER old dear friend (our gene pool in this area is very small). And they have just welcomed the most beautiful, delicate little flower of a baby - Liza Jane.

After a few quality hours of baby snuggling, I rushed back home to cuddle my own babies.

And in the middle of all of that excitement - Hazel arrived.
Hazel Juniper
7 pounds 4 ounces
December 2nd, 2008

I have a few photos on my phone, but nothing exciting to share until either my brother gets home to a computer, or I get my butt to NY. I want to give mommy, daddy and baby time to bond and get to know each other before I move in on with every ounce of self control, I am holding off until Sunday. (sigh)


derfina said...

Congrats to you and Welcome! to Hazel. What a beautiful name!

Kylie said...


im a creeper, i know.
but if youre from here, its obvious.
packie? FUCK YES. package store. and job lots,are like only in ct. andd so is the book barn.

now that ive sufficiently creeped you out...yeah. i love your blog.

andd im pretty sure i can vouch for the whole state that were happy youre here.

and. yeah. if youre not in ct.
im sorry and im an idiot.