Monday, December 29, 2008

Imagine that

Today we took Boston the the vet. They tried to take his temperature. He was not impressed with their method.

Turns out, our dog - who is constantly rolling over to show other dogs (male and female) his business - does not want anyone touching or sniffing or inserting anything in his ass. Smart little bugger. He also doesn't like having things put in his ears. The vet decided, based on his reaction to the exam, that they should muzzle him for the shot he needed. Three of us held him down for the injection, and he really didn't even flinch.

As Sami says "I don't like people sticking things in MY ass or ears, so why should a dog be any different ?"

I think Boston just earned some extra brownie points with Sami, just for having some good common sense, and a healthy dose of self-preservation.

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