Monday, December 22, 2008

I have no idea how this happened

Today, we are dog owners. Not borrowers. Not trier-outers. Owners. I signed paperwork and everything.

It was a REALLY hard decision. Not choosing the dog - that part was easy....but actually COMMITTING to the dog. Because I take pet ownership very seriously. This was not an easy decision. Sami is not thrilled with being a pet owner, and I am very hesitant. But the kids are old enough to understand and take on some of the responsibility of caring for the dog......and I think after two years of basically begging for a pet they might have actually really wanted one.

So with their infinite requests for a pet ringing in my ears, I have been browsing ads, Craigslist, bulletin boards, and the website for the local Humane Society. To make sure the kids understood how much work is involved in pet ownership, we brought home Twyla for a 24 hour trial run while she was waiting for her forever home - she was only 6 weeks old though, so she was tiny, cute, non-smelly, and portable. The dog we brought home today is not a baby. More of an emo teenage boy with orange bleach highlights and a scrabbly beard. I love him.

And the deciding factor, really ? The one that convinced me this was "our dog" ? The name on his cage. Our hometown. Boston.

He's a one year wire haired terrier mix. Sort of a smaller medium sized dog. He is extremely mellow right now, but god knows how he will behave when he gets comfortable. He has spent his entire life with foster families and at the shelter. He really needs some love - and we are ready and willing to provide lots of it. Maybe more then he was hoping for. Maybe more then he actually wants. Lucy is anxiously awaiting the day that she can dress him up. Max just wants to walk him everywhere. Except that by "walking" he means "being dragged around by a 30 pound dog and squealing in protest, while simultaneously giggling and panicking."

I wish I had something witty and intersting to say today, but have been obsessing and debating and freaking out ALL DAY LONG about this - so I am kind of brain dead. While I collect myself, here are some pictures. I'll be back tomorrow with something of interest to report. In the last photo, you can sort of see his very kick ass new collar - it's got a pawprint and cross bones pattern. Arrrrr.

Introducing, Boston.