Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Everyone, meet Twyla. Lucy named her. She is JUST VISITING. I swear. She is actually going back to her puppy lair today. This morning, in fact.

But OH how I love her. I love her, and want to keep her, and I know that we could - someday. But not now.

We need a fence.

And a lot of other stuff.

And since we have needed a fence for 3 years, and still don't have one, odds are good we won't be getting one anytime soon. At least, not soon enough to keep Twyla.

But she is the perfect dog. And have I mentioned I love her. This pet thing is a slippery slope. Once you start considering it, it is hard to turn off that part of your brain.


Hobocamp Crafts said...

ohhh I'm sorry you won't be able to keep her! She's darling. Your mom told us abut her last night- what a fun name. By the way the J stands for JUNIPER. We thought of a mix between Judy & Joan (my mom)and June came to mind- then we decided on Juniper.

derfina said...

I feel for you. I want one too, but with my parrots and the small living quarters, it is just not practical. How 'bout you get one and I can enjoy it vicariously?