Friday, October 17, 2008

Take a chill pill

Well. Things are certainly COMPLETELY IN THE TOILET these days. Have you looked at your IRA statement ? Don't bother. It's just going to freak you out or piss you off. I have an account I started for my son, for his education - one of those 501 or 503c's or whatever the hell they are called. I have put in $250 of my own money, and the account is worth $150-ish. So glad I am saving for his education......
It seems like everything, and everyone, is on hold, treading water, waiting waiting waiting. For the election. For the economy. For peace and prosperity to reign once again.

Peace and Prosperity haven't been around lately. Have you seen them ? Maybe they're at their timeshare.

It's a good thing we already live in paradise - I can drive my poor ass down the hill to sit on the beach (which is free, thank you very much) and soak up the sunshine and the warm water and just be thankful for what I have and where I am - and figure out how to pay for it.

When I am not lazing about in the sand, I am definitely NOT cleaning the house. I am cooking. And eating. Yesterday is was potpie and apple crisp. Today, Kalbi ribs and pumpkin raviolis. I am a very busy girl. I have to be at the restaurant in 2 hours for my shift, and then get home in time for my rock star husband to play on the radio - I think they are promoting a gig tomorrow night, or maybe they are just promoting ???? I am not too sure, all I know is My Husband Is Playing Music On The Radio. Which is a lot more excting then my last radio gig, which was TALK radio (sigh). On AM. My husband is so much cooler then I am. Rock music on an FM station. God. I have no idea why he hangs out with me.

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