Sunday, September 14, 2008

Places I Dream Of When I Close My Eyes and Count Backwards

I am giving myself a list of pleasant things to think about as I go under tomorrow. It is part of a form of self-hypnosis. While I am not (as I have clearly stated many many MANY times before) a touchy feely airy fairy, I found during my 3rd or 4th surgery, a technique that has helped me in all future endeavors both surgical and non.

The first step on the road to discovery was taken at the urging of my surgeon in Boston. (Oh, sorry, have to give her a mention - Dr. Nina Carroll in Boston kicks some serious ass, and if you ever need a good gyno, this chick is the one to call. She is balls-out and the best surgeon. No crap, but a lot of compassion.)

OK, so back to the self-hypnosis. So Dr, Carroll recommended this tecnique that was in clinical trials at the time in Boston. She said another patient had great success with it. There is a book, and a tape. The book is called "Prepare for Surgery, Heal Faster". You read the book, and then listen to the tape, every day before surgery, and then during the surgery itself. Some of it is self-hypnosis and some of it is the power of positive suggestion - but either way, it worked. I had a great surgical experience and a fast recovery, and I was a convert. After several really difficult recoveries in the past, I saw the future, and it involved headphones in the operating room.

Then when I got pregnant and got far enough along to need to think about birth (man, talk about a reality check) I decided to try hypnobirthing. And again, it worked like a charm, I chugged right along, and only ended up with an epidural because of the c-section. I was relaxed, and happy, and napping, and focused and totally in the zone (until the reality of a 9lb 8.5oz baby hit me right between the legs, and got stuck).

Gosh, sorry, another tangent. Sheesh.

Anyhoo, so yeah, these two techniques employ a lot of visualization. Visualizing beautiful calm quiet places, places where you have happy memories, places you want to go, basically anything that will distract you and keep you relaxed. (Hint, do not dream about anything that could potentially evoke drama - like dating a handsome man who you find screwing your best friend later in the dream. Or dreaming about getting to a fantasy island, including going through customs and international security, where your husband might have a body cavity search. Wait - is that just MY husband that goes through that ?

Good GOD I had better just give you some links here. OK, places I will be dreaming about as I enter the ether..... These are all location I have recently booked clients in, and I admit, I am teensy bit jealous.

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