Monday, August 16, 2010

One. More. Week.

I'm in the home stretch here, people. It's soooooo close. I can almost feel it. Teasing. Taunting. Calling me.

These kids go back to school in seven days and I might just make it.

I made a resolution that we are going to do one fun thing per day for this last week of summer vacation.
Today I took them out for ice cream. Actually, frozen yogurt. And it cost $15. And we went in the afternoon, which is my preferred naptime. (Yes, all afternoon is my damn naptime. Shut up.) So, yeah. We're not doing THAT again for all kinds of reasons.

Tomorrow we're getting the oil changed. THAT'S NOT THE FUN THING WOULD YOU RELAX.

While the car is in the shop I thought I might take them to see a movie. BECAUSE I AM AWESOME. But I think it's gonna cost even more then the movie. And I scheduled the appointment for 3pm. Naptime. Me no likey.

Wednesday our fun thing is going to have to be 1. free and 2. not interrupting my naptime.

And at some point in the middle of all of this fun and napping, we have to finish painting the play porch - a.k.a. "The Fun Room". This is my favorite photo of the fun room:

The Fun Room is really really REALLY fun. But now it's filled with art supplies and gecko shit (I'm not talking about Geico promotional merchandise, I'm talking about actual poop from geckos. This is Hawaii, remember?) so we've got some work to do to get it back into really FUN condition.

We started by painting the walls today. A few things didn't go as smoothly as I had hoped.

1. Lucy was under the impression that we were literally painting the entire room yellow. Walls, floor, trim, doors - the whole room. And she got a good 5 minutes into it before she said to Max "Hey, are you gonna help me with this?" and I turned around to see that while Max was dutifully painting the wall in his assigned corner of the room, Lucy was painting her ENTIRE CORNER.

2. As I turned around and realized what was going on and everything went all slow motion and "ooooohhhhhh nooooooooooooo" I tilted the pan of paint I was holding up on the ladder, and dumped it's contents into my cowboy boot.

3. And all over the rug.

4. Because I was a grownup and being careful and I "didn't need newspaper" under me.

5. And the yellow is really fucking bright.

6. And despite my best efforts, there is still a ton of gecko shit in there, and some of it is now painted yellow and stuck to my wall FOREVER.

7. So now the art room has half of the first coat of a bright buttercup yellow, mixed with a healthy amount of gecko shit (for texture) and my red rug has an orange corner and my cowboy boots are on the deck and I started drinking at noon.

8. I made a drink with juice so it was totally okay.

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